Black box recovered at Shanksville site

September 14, 2001
Richard Gazarik and Robin Acton


Federal investigators hope the flight data recorder recovered from United Airlines Flight 93 will reveal what caused the Boeing 757 jetliner to crash into an abandoned Somerset County strip mine in a deadly sequence of terrorist attacks.

FBI Agent William Crowley announced Thursday afternoon that investigators using heavy equipment found the recorder in

Bell tolls for Flight 93

March 12, 2002
Richard Gazarik


SHANKSVILLE ­ Christian Adams.

Todd Beamer.

Alan Beaven.

Mark Bingham.

One by one, the names of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 were read aloud inside the United Methodist Church in Shanksville.

LeNature’s plundered for $500 million: lawsuit

December 2, 2008
Richard Gazarik


Gregory Podlucky looted LeNature’s of more than $500 million with the help of investment bankers, family, friends and former company officers, according to a civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh.

The allegations are contained in a 126­page racketeering lawsuit filed under seal in October by attorney Marc Kirschner

Family connection sparked reporter’s research into history, book

December 10, 2011
Jennifer Reeger


Richard Gazarik had never heard of Fannie Sellins before he began researching her life and death in 2006.

It was then that he spied a photo in the Valley News Dispatch of his cousin’s daughters at a monument to Sellins in Arnold’s Union Cemetery. The caption mentioned that their

Greg Podlucky had visions of taking LeNature’s to the top

May 4, 2012
Richard Gazarik


Greg Podlucky wore the symbols of success like a custom­made suit. They were a perfect fit­­or so it seemed.

Podlucky’s sometimes bizarre world of sleek cars, slick multi­million­dollar business deals and sprawling hilltop mansions began to collapse in recent weeks amid a federal probe of