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“I haven’t been able to turn off my journalistic curiosity.
It’s an extension of my life in journalism. I’m not one to sit around.”


Interview with PA BOOKS on PCN “Prohibition Pittsburgh” with Richard Gazarik

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Wicked Pittsburgh

Muckracking journalist Walter Liggett dubbed Pittsburgh the “Metropolis of Corruption” in 1930 when he reported the city has more vice per square foot than New York, Detroit, Cleveland or Boston. Join author Richard Gazarik as he reveals the wicked history of the Steel City.

Coming October 8, 2018

The Mayor of Shantytown

Father James R. Cox was the voice of Pittsburgh’s poor and jobless during the worst years of the Great Depression. He was the “mayor” of a shantytown of homeless men.

Coming November 2018

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What My Readers Say

The excellently researched Prohibition Pittsburgh by Richard Gazarik shines a bright and entertaining light on the boozy secret past on my hometown’s role during one of the most controversial eras in American history.


Prohibition Pittsburgh

Nick Guzan

This is a great book on local history, well-researched and full of colorful characters and stories.

Prohibition Pittsburgh

Chris Burd

Local newspaper reporter Gazarik nonetheless writes a lively narrative, doing an especially good job of dealing with Sellins murder in 1919. The authors own family story provides tantalizing clues about this history.

Black Valley: The Life and Death of Fannie Sellins

Jason Martinek , Associate Professor of History at New Jersey City University